Stonehurst Avenue Elementary


Dear Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members,


It is a great pleasure and privilege to introduce myself to you as the new principal of Stonehurst School for Enriched Learning effective July 1, 2018.  I am so pleased to have been selected to become a member of the Stonehurst community, and I look forward to working with each of you.  For years, I would pass by the school as I walked my five-mile walk each weekend.  I told myself that if the principal position ever came open, I had to apply for it.  I come to Stonehurst having spent the last eight years serving as principal of Solano Avenue Elementary School in East Los Angeles.  I am pleased to be back in Local District Northeast having spent time working in the district offices as a Health Education Advisor when it was called Local District B.


It is my belief that it takes a group effort to educate our youth.  To that end, I believe that we must work as a team to ensure the success of all of our students.  It is important that all stakeholder groups are involved in the process of examining the successes of Stonehurst and determining the pathway for the future.  Everyone’s voice must be heard, including our students’ voices, as we seek to continuously improve our practices and performances.


I believe that school must be an engaging place for all parties.  Students should look forward to coming to school and learning each and every day.  Staff should also look forward to coming to work and enjoy facilitating learning throughout the school day.  Parents must feel welcome and understand that they are integral members of the education team.  Together we will explore the three “R”s – rigor, relevance, and relationships.


It is my goal to make Stonehurst School for Enriched Learning, STEAM Magnet the go-to school in the Sun Valley/Shadow Hills neighborhoods.  We will do this by building upon the successes Stonehurst has experienced and focusing on continuously improving student achievement.  I feel it is imperative that we remember that we are educating the children of today for a future, which does not yet exist.  We must encourage our students to look to the future and imagine the possibilities.  I believe we must provide a strong technological background for all of our students so that they may keep up with our ever-changing world.  I also believe in the power of setting goals and look forward to helping the children of Stonehurst to understand the necessity of taking responsibility for their learning.


Communication is vital to success.  I look forward to getting to know each of you.  Please know that my office door will always be open should you have a question or wish to share a success.  I look forward to a fantastic and successful year.  See you in August!







William Bertrand