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The WONDERful Work of Room 15!

Room 15 collectively read and listened to the novel Wonder! The students explored the themes of isolation, special needs, and family. After much discussion about the text and identifying with the true meaning of R.J. Palacio's popular novel, the students watched the movie and made text to feature film connections upon the differences of the media. 



The students in Mrs. McGrain's 5th grade classroom engaged in close reading to identify with the author's intent and the purpose of the text. Teaching student to become independent readers, Mrs. McGrain presented the students great opportunity to analyze the Palacio's text and recognize the relationships between diverse themes evident. This allowed students to establish the presence and importance of family, friends, and more, and how our actions can impact others. The students of Room 15 have presented to be independent readers who work towards interpreting a provided and connect with themes and ideas on a more profound level.



To conclude, the Mrs. McGrain's STEAM Stallions demonstrate the understanding that "everyone is all the same." What a great way to build community, instill safety, and spread kindness, Room 15!